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Next Stop...The Moon!

Space Services Announces the  Acquisition of

Odyssey Moon Ltd.


Former Google Lunar X PRIZE team to add valuable expertise on lunar exploration and space commerce

Space Services announced the aquisition of Odyssey Moon Ltd., and the addition of key industry veterans to its Board of Directors, signaling an ambitious expansion in the global commercial space market. 


Odyssey Moon, an Isle of Man company, was the first team to sign up for the Google Lunar X PRIZE and brings extensive expertise in lunar space exploration, spacecraft development, finance of space missions and commercial partnerships.


Read the full press release. 

Odyssey Moon executives bring a wealth of expertise to Space Services Holdings, Inc. helping shepherd the company into a new era of space exploration with a renewed focus on our planet's closet neighbor, the Moon.


The OM Executive team will serve as Board Members, advisors, and consultants bringing extensive experience in the commercial satellite sector, launch systems, e-commerce, space financing and lunar robotics.


Learn more about our Board Members.


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