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Name A Star Live


For over 30 years, Celestis has honored the dreams and memories of departed loved ones by launching a symbolic portion of their cremated remains into space.


Celestis' heritage of global leadership in private spaceflight and applications includes:


  • The first ever private spaceflight, the Conestoga 1 (1982);

  • The first ever post-cremation memorial spaceflight (1997),

  • The first ever lunar burial at the request of NASA (1999).


With more than 1,000 participants and 13 flights to our name, Celestis is still going strong today.


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“Everyone loves to have a star named for them.” The simple elegance of this symbolic act is the basis for Space Services’ highly successful Name A Star Live product line.


Name A Star Live combines the ancient tradition of star naming with humanity’s most stunning technological achievement—spaceflight—to create the ultimate interactive gift experience.


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