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The Advanced Space Systems division of Space Services serves as a technology and business incubator, providing strategic planning, capital assistance, and business development leadership for promising opportunities of interest. The group is active in commercial space weather, nano-launch, and beyond Earth orbit mission opportunities.



Horizon from space
Commercial Space Weather Services


Since 2005 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded Space Services five competitively-sourced contracts to advise the agency on the potential for  commercial space weather services.
SSI has defined the technical and business case for solar-sail enabled early warning spacecraft capable of significantly improving the forecast of dangerous solar storms.  A new generation of “Lightsats” can produce nearly double the warning time for these events, producing a “game changer” for NOAA while providing a host platform for a variety of additional commercial opportunities.


Commercial Lunar & Deep Space Missions


NASA requested Space Services to present its Sunjammer public-private partnership as a template for future missions at the Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis Workshop in November 2012.  The company is developing a similar capability to conduct lunar missions as well, furthered with the recent acquisition of Odyssey Moon Ltd..

Celestis launch
CubeSat & Nano Launch Capabilites


Working with innovative industry partners, Space Services is developing a new class of Cubesat-based commercial missions as well as advanced, low-cost Nanolauncher capabilities.

Hurricane from space
Advisory Services


Space Services management and directors offer an unparalleled level of expertise in commercial space venture finance, launch services acquisition, legal and regulatory counsel, as well as space sponsorship, event, and web traffic monetization.


For additional information on any Space Services Advanced Systems service, click here.


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