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Space Services Inc is supported by a world class executive team.

A pioneer of the commercial space age, Charlie co-founded Celestis, Inc, the global leader in Memorial Spaceflight Services. Called "a pioneer on the cutting edge" of space commerce by Space News Chafer and his team have conducted more than a dozen missions to date, placing a symbolic portion of cremated remains from more than 1000 individuals into outer space, Earth orbit, or on the lunar surface.  


Today, as CEO of Space Services Holdings, Inc.(SSHI), Charlie oversees a portfolio of commercial space businesses spanning market sectors from consumer to high technology and including partners from Groupon to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  SSHI's unique business model, which combines traditional and non traditional markets into space missions, recently helped the company secure the exclusive commercial rights to NASA's Sunjammer solar sail mission, scheduled for a late 2014 launch.




Steve previously served as Head of Sales and Marketing for Excalibur Almaz (EA), an international space exploration company created to provide routine, affordable access to and from space. He also worked as the Marketing Coordinator for the X PRIZE Foundation's Lunar Lander Challenge in 2007. 


Prior to working with Excalibur Almaz and the X PRIZE Foundation, Steve worked as a Senior Analyst for DFI International (now Avascent Group) in Washington, DC, managing and researching numerous projects for Fortune 100 aerospace and defense firms.



Harvin brings a background entreprenurial and finance background to Space Services having served with the US Treasury in New York, Washington, London, and later founding the award winning Frontera Furniture company, named to the Houston 100 fastest growing private companies four times, securing Harvin as runner-up for Ernst & Young's Year 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year award.


Harvin's passion for space flight has been with him throughout his career where he started post high school working on the Contestoga launch vehicle, the fore runner of Space Services, and continues today after rejoining Space Services in 2003. 





Working with the company for more than 16 years, Cristiana has an extensive international business experience in start-up an established environments; strong background in science, business development, event planning, experienced in strategic planning; top-producing sales professional, expert in lead development, consultative selling and sales. 


Cristiana was previously Business Development Manager for an international

holding corporation, initiating and expanding to North American markets, and

was a corporate officer for a major European ISP. 



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